I miss you so much. I think of you every single second of every day. It is so hard for me to believe that you are gone.

I will love you always,


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4 Responses to “Amber, I love you from Dad”

  1. crystina says:

    amber i miss you so much i cry every day i think about you every day and every second!i still ccant belive that your are gone!your always be in my heart!I LOVE YOU FOREVER<33

  2. Dawn says:

    Amber in honor of you and your family we will dedicate our time to bring awareness in Virginia to this awful tragedy. Our hearts ache for your dad. He misses you sooo much! Sing loud with the angels Amber!

  3. Amber, I think of you all the time. Its still hard to beileve you are gone. You are missed very much!!!! I know you and Caitlin are playing up in heaven together and keeping eachother company but we sure do miss you 2 smiley girls here!!! xoxox

  4. Shannon Lee says:

    Amber, you were my #1 best friend and always will be, i can never replace you. i think of you every second&millisecond even. You were the first friend i had when i moved to florida. Sadly i only knew you for 2 years and the last conversation we had i said ” see you next week at church” and i hugged you and said bye. only to find the next sunday you were gone. & I love you so much and just letting you know your mom is doing great i visited her and she gave me some of your twilight books. You were an amazing girl& always will be. I’m gonna come visit you on your birthday but my mom think i will get REALLY emotional because you were& always will be my best friend. I may make new friends that are my best friends but trust me baby,no one will ever top you. <3 I love you so much its not even funny i love you like the sisiter i dont have. A while ago i watched our communion video and i was standing next to you. i wish it was like that today&everyday I cry so much over you but my mom is trying to teach me to think positively. I love you so much& i cant wait to visit you for the first time. love you&enjoy heaven.

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